blue oceans

for retailers.

Call us modern day Magellans. We're redefining the export and liquidation business for our partners – one or many sea containers at a time.

With a network of more than 1,000 major international buyers representing over 15,000 retail doors, we can move any inventory, for any partner, anywhere in the world. We have the BOLs to back it up.

Why are retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of all sizes partnering with us to help them liquidate inventory?

We're bucking industry trends. Going against the grain. Zigging when everyone else is zagging. We plainly do things differently.

We build radically transparent partnerships

While others hide information and documentation, we readily provide it. We strongly believe that transparency in the redistribution process is paramount.

We share data and reporting at every step

We're database nerds who like querying data to make better decisions to drive growth. It's a win-win strategy for us and our partners.

We lean on over a century of collective experience

Our team has lived and breathed the wholesale and liquidation space for decades. We've built a network of domestic and international buyers that's unparalleled in the industry.

We protect brands and sensitive information

When our retail partners want to avoid redistribution in certain countries or regions, we respect their wishes and do just that. We can't quite say the same for the other guys.

We find the right buyer to maximize return

While some go for the easy sale, we target the right sale. This means leveraging our network to find buyers who can maximize the return for our partners.

We reduce re-returns and re-shoring

We realize that many retailers – large and small – face this difficult problem. We have solutions to completely mitigate it.

Darin Fingleton

Business Development

We're here to maximize your revenue.

Whether you're a retailer who needs help liquidating inventory, a buyer who wants access to our exclusive deals, or you're just looking to give us a shout, we're ready to chat with you. Hit the button below to contact us today!